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Imagine Luton, 2018 Time-lapse (short)

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posted on 2020-06-25, 12:27 authored by James MacphersonJames Macpherson

This time-lapse film is part of my doctoral research into contemporary UK outdoor arts. I use time-lapse videography to document the durational relationships between space, audience and performance.

This film was made at the Imagine Luton festival between June 23rd and 24th, 2018. The research was commissioned to evaluate a new site used for the first time by the festival in 2018 in which a range of professional and community performances were programmed. The site was quieter than the main festival site in the centre of town with less footfall. The site was used in several different ways by the roaming band: Blaas of Glory and 4 static shows: Block by Motionhouse/NoFit State; That Parking Show by Tangled Feet; Da Native by Far From the Norm and Sacred Shapes by Kadam. This is a short version of the film.

Recordings were made during the weekend and a soundscape created from them which provides the soundtrack.