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GDIF 2018 - Old Royal Naval College

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posted on 2020-06-22, 14:53 authored by James MacphersonJames Macpherson

This time-lapse film is part of my doctoral research into contemporary UK outdoor arts. I use time-lapse videography to document the durational relationships between space, audience and performance.

This film was made at the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (GDIF) between June 22nd and 24th 2018. GDIF is core member of the Without Walls Consortium with a significant budget, long history and a central London location focussed around the Cutty Sark and old Royal Naval College. GDIF is a weekend festival where the programming is entirely professional, and much is international. The weather has hot and sunny throughout and there was a large program of performances presented across the site. The area is part of a world heritage site and a popular tourist destination.

This film focuses on the Old Royal Naval College on the eastern side of the site and includes 'Full Circle' by Avanti Display, 'Sorriso' by Teatro So, 'Dip' by Max Calaf Seve and 'Robopole' by Ulrik Robotik.

Recordings were made during the weekend and a soundscape created from them which provides the soundtrack.