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posted on 2021-10-11, 15:01 authored by Mark EdwardMark Edward, Rosa Fong
Council House Movie Star which presented a world in which the drag character has an existence beyond the stage. This is a place where make-up remover does not exist: so Gale Force, as a has-been drag queen, is not played by anyone: she is herself and we see her offstage existence -- a council house filled with B-boys from the estate; racks of fading costumes; and the chipped plaster iconography of a Catholic Church which has undoubtedly rejected her for her sexual predilections. Gale is a fallen woman because she is offstage, and old, and signifies a washed up old gay with no more performance mileage in the gas tank. The film embraces the idea of age as being a long-time companion acknowledging changes and a body living in flux. It takes the spectator towards notions of what is it 'to be' aged, queer, drag, poor, isolated and vulnerable. Thereby offering visuals of a persona fixed in a spiral of desire for some remembered time. The film creates a portrait of the many faces of Gale Force, almost like a Shakespearean seven ages of man, ranging from the garish show off performer, the frustrated daydreamer and the defiant pathos of the decaying and ageing body. Writer and Producer: Mark Edward Director: Rosa Fong Director of Photography: Mark Fremaux.


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