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About Us – For Us (2021)

posted on 20.05.2021, 14:17 authored by JOHN LOWNDESJOHN LOWNDES
Stereo version of About UsFor Us, a soundscape composition created in the West Everton and surrounding areas. It features the voices of three community members, alongside sounds recorded in the local area.

The name of the piece refers to West Everton Community Council’s (WECC) powerful principle: “nothing about us, without us, is for us.” As a collaboration between local residents (Adam Byrne, E and Ken Thompson) and an outside musician (John Lowndes), the sound work explores what it means to represent the area during austerity and the pandemic.

Although the project was intended for exhibition in the local area, COVID-19 restrictions have meant that the work has been presented as a stereo work.

The visual image contains photographs taken by Ken Thompson and a map provided to me by Ann Roach of WECC.