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Publicity poster: Lost Morecambe

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posted on 2021-02-01, 12:08 authored by Helen NewallHelen Newall
Poster which was used at the Morecambe Variety Festival and Pound Arts to attract prospective audience members.

Viewing the installation was free, but members of the public in the Winter Gardens had to book because there were only four seats at any one showing of the film, and for safety reasons, at the Winter Gardens, audiences had to be guided through the dark backstage areas by torchlight, which became part of the experience.

Lost Morecambe is a portable audio-visual installation. It consists of a film of digitally animated vintage photography of Morecambe and music hall performers, which is projected into a 1/35 scale diorama of a music hall theatre. It is experienced by an audience of four. Sound and music for the work was specially created by sound artist karen Lauke, and audience members wear headphones to experience the installation immersively. The work was commissioned by The Morecambe Variety Festival and first presented in the Morecambe Winter Gardens in 2016, and subsequently at The Pound Arts 'Magic and Mayhem' Festival, Corsham.