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Pedagogy and Pancakes!

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As part of Pedagogy and Pancakes we will be hosting a conference on “practical pedagogy”.

A day-long session of advice, tips and tricks that can be applied directly into your practice. The Practical Pedagogy conference focuses on the practical implementation of teaching and learning strategies. Talks will focus on strategies that have been practically tested.

Click here to access the conference website and to register your attendance: Pedagogy and Pancakes

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When it arrives, we’ll review it and assign it to the ‘Pedagogy and Pancakes’ folder for you. It is that simple! Alternatively, if you prefer please send your presentation to Dawne (belld@edgehill.ac.uk /@belld17) or Nathalie (Nathalie.Tasler@glasgow.ac.uk /@drntasler) and we will upload it for you. If you would like to, please share your Twitter name and we will ‘Tweet’ and share the link to your work to help everyone to be able to find it.

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