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CASES: Factsheets 1-5: The prevalence and characteristics of interpersonal violence against children (IVAC) inside and outside sport in six European countries

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Version 2 2022-01-25, 15:59
Version 1 2021-12-10, 16:22
posted on 2022-01-25, 15:59 authored by Michael HartillMichael Hartill, Bettina Rulofs, Melanie LangMelanie Lang, Tine Vertommen, Marc Allroggen, Eva Cirera, Rosa Diketmuller, Jarl Kampen, A Kohl, Montserrat Martín, Ioana Nanu, M Neeten, Daniel Sage, Ecaterina Stativa

Factsheets presenting key findings from the CASES (Child Abuse in Sport: European Statistics) Project.

Factsheet 1 - Prevalence of IVAC
Factsheet 2 - Prevalence of IVAC: Gender and Sport Level
Factsheet 3 - Prevalence of IVAC: Perpetrators and Location
Factsheet 4 - Prevalence of Psychological Violence
Factsheet 5 - Main Recommendations

The CASES project team have also developed some accessible resources to share some of the key findings.

Please feel free to use these in addition to the full report.

Version 2 note:

The previous version did not include Factsheet 4. This is now included in the attached file.


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