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posted on 2022-04-04, 18:21 authored by Dr Daniela Bacova, Dr Sarah Telfer

This booklet is designed to accompany three different video recordings of microteach lessons delivered by three student teachers who participated in a PGCE programme at the University of Bolton to become qualified teachers in the further education sector in the UK (16+). The microteaches cover the subject areas: ESOL/Literacy; teaching learners with additional needs - autism; and teaching sport. The viewers are encouraged to watch the videos in sections and answer questions that guide their noticing.

The videos aim to encourage viewers to observe particular teaching skills and reflect constructively on the performance of these. Discussions should be about what is expected in the microteach and how to prepare for the task, not about criticism of the student teachers who perform the task. This booklet contains the questions to be answered whilst watching the edited video recordings of the microteach sessions.


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