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Say it with a Story. CreativeHE 2022

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posted on 2023-01-03, 15:06 authored by Tom Burns, John Desire, Janet Gordon, Pip McDonald, Sandra Sinfield


Annual #creativeHE collection 2022 

The annual was an opportunity to dive into forty two short storyworlds. In our capacity as the Editorial team, it was a real privilege to read these stories and use the annual as a platform to bring the contributions to life. 

Editing an annual tells a story in itself. What did we discover over the past year? What changed for us? What inspired us? We hope that you enjoy it. 

Say it with a story. Say it with #creativeHE.



Burns, T., Desire, J., Gordon, J., McDonald, P. and Sinfield, S. (eds.) (2022) Say it with a story. The #creativeHE Annual 2022. Creativity for Learning in Higher Education Community, #creativeHE, DOI: 10.25416/NTR.21806085


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