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Reflective questions around the UKPSF for probationary lecturers.docx (27.09 kB)
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Reflective questions around the UKPSF for probationary lecturers

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posted on 2021-12-21, 14:25 authored by Hazel Ruth Corradi
This file is a prompt sheet to support reflective practice for HEA claims at D1/D2. It is designed to help probationary lecturers consider:

1. What aspects of their practice they can reflect on and how these align to the areas of activity of the UKPSF
2. What evidence they could collect/use to support their reflection on these areas of their practice
3. How they could structure a piece of writing about each area of activity to create a reflective narrative.

It is designed for what I think is appropriate in our context, but it is not prescriptive. It is aimed to help someone new to UK HE who knows they need to make a HEA claim in a year or two to work out:
1. What do I need to do now to achieve this?
2. What might a claim look like?


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