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Reflections on Block Teaching

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posted on 2022-06-17, 13:05 authored by Chrissi NerantziChrissi Nerantzi, Gerasimos Chatzidamianos, Nicoletta Di Ciolla

Reflections on Block-Teaching at Man Met During the Pandemic: Three Practitioners, Three Voices 

 As the end of an academic year approaches when everything about the university experience was affected by the constraints imposed by COVID-19, this article presents the reflections of three academics, offering three different perspectives on what this unprecedented year has implied, and the legacy it is potentially leaving behind. The points of view of an Academic Developer, a Senior Lecturer, and an Education Lead trace the process that led to the roll out of an academic year like no other: from the reconceptualisation of didactics demanded by the transition from the customary face-to- face to a blended (and eventually online only) delivery format, to the adjustments to units and the attendant assessment strategies, to the impact of all these changes on a more personal level, on the bodies and minds of all involved. 

DOI: 10.25416/NTR.20089142 

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Nerantzi, C., Chatzidamianos, G. & Di Ciolla, N. (2021) Reflections on block teaching, three practitioners, three voices, in: Nerantzi, C., Chatzidamianos, G. and Di Ciolla, N. (eds.) (2021) Moving to block teaching: Challenges and opportunities, Special Issue, Learning and Teaching in Action, Vol. 14 No. 1, pp.18-34 


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