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Poster Guides - Democratising Assessment Rubrics for International Students

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posted on 2023-11-22, 18:05 authored by Chahna GonsalvesChahna Gonsalves

Undergraduate students in UK higher education are consistently dissatisfied with assessment and feedback. This dissatisfaction stems from their limited understanding of assessment language and criteria, as well as how criteria are applied when grading their work. International students face even greater difficulties in comprehending assessment criteria due to lack of preparation and support throughout the assessment process.

From a participatory research project involving international undergraduate students, we explored the challenges these students face and created two poster guides.

The first guide, aimed at students, seeks to enhance their understanding of assessment rubrics and criteria, facilitating their engagement with rubrics.

The second guide, targeted at educators, seeks to enhance their understanding of the challenges international students face with assessment rubrics. This guide also serves as an aid in the creation of more effective assessment rubrics.

Many of the suggestions can be implemented to enhance assessment literacy and the assessment experience of international students, to the benefit of all students more generally.

For further information, questions or follow up, please contact Dr Chahna Gonsalves at chahna.gonsalves@kcl.ac.uk


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