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posted on 2023-08-22, 19:25 authored by Jackie Carter

Social Science Alumni Stories: Pathways into Research. 

This collection of 18 alumni stories from the University of Manchester evidences how former social science students have graduated into roles in research careers. 

Using a skills framework developed by the author - covering analytical and research skills relevant to SHAPE (Social Science, Humanities and Arts for People and the Economy) graduates, and professional (or 'employability' or 'soft') skills taken from industry reports, each story reflects how an alumni looks back on what they learned in their degree and reflects on how they are using that knowledge and those skills in their current role. 

The aim is to help curent students to look forward, to appreciate the skills they are learning have value in the workplace, and to show them through their peers of a few years hence how their futures could unfold. 

The booklet draws on the author's experience of developing a reflection framework for her own students who undertake work placements, and helping them use this to imagine their futures. 

All contributors have granted permission for the booklet and their stories to be shared openly. 

The booklet is one of two - the other being 'Pathways into Policy'. A third is in preparation 'Pathways into Data Careers'


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