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posted on 2021-09-14, 09:51 authored by Chahna Gonsalves

As part of a service evaluation, 28 level-4 Principles of Marketing students participated in a service of focus groups where they identified the language of the subject, assignment brief and assessment rubric for which they wanted clarification and further explanation. The findings of these focus groups and student review of iterations underpinned the design and finalization of the Principles of Marketing Glossary.

This Principles of Marketing Glossary was designed to be used alongside subject- and assessment-relevant resources. Ideally, the glossary would be shared with students early in the module and discussed, to enhance understanding of assessment terms and expectations. This resource serves to enhance the transparency of assessment and facilitate the development of academic and assessment literacy.

Please note that the student participants preferred a non-alphabetical layout for the glossary.

Peers are encouraged to use the Glossary as it is or adapt for use on their modules as they see fit.


Innovative Education Fund, King's College London


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