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ELDeR Edinburgh Learning Design Roadmap

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posted on 2023-10-03, 19:16 authored by Cathy Bovill,, Lorna M. Campbell, Lizzy Garner-Foy, Susan Greig, Fiona Hale, Kelly Hall, Melissa Highton, Jon Jack, Lesley Kelly, Neil Lent, Tracey Madden, Jenna Mann, Celeste McLaughlin, Stuart Nicol, Jenny Scoles, Elliott Spaeth, Educational Design and Engagement University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Learning Design Roadmap (ELDeR), created in 2016, is a practical, team-based approach to learning design, based on the University of Northampton’s CAIeRO approach. ELDeR also incorporates elements of other learning design tools and approaches, including the Open University’s Curriculum Feature cards, the University of Ulster’s Viewpoints toolkit, and University College London’s ABC method.

These open resources can be used to facilitate collaborative workshops, which will enable academic teams to develop a detailed blueprint of their learning design, together with a comprehensive action plan.

The student learning experience is at the heart of ELDeR. Student feedback and assessment literacies are given top priority, and a shared vision of the programme is developed between team members. By considering what students should be able to do by the end of the programme, and how they will know that they are getting there, a foundation is set for authentic assessment that aligns with learning outcomes.

The principles behind ELDeR

  • It is efficient: the initial investment of time developing a robust design means less ad hoc adjustment later.
  • It is a creative, supportive and collaborative process: tackling problems together results in better solutions and strengthens the team.
  • It is a safe space: everyone’s input is valued, and there are no silly questions.
  • It is an invaluable staff development tool: in particular, it supports and builds the confidence of staff who are new to teaching.
  • It is invaluable for programme directors: it provides an overview of the programme so that gaps and duplications can be identified and addressed.


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