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Creative Pedagogy: a student-created e-resource to support exploration and understanding of some core concepts

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educational resource
posted on 2024-05-03, 14:50 authored by Drew GupwellDrew Gupwell, Sinead O'HaraSinead O'Hara, Smita OdedraSmita Odedra, Linnea SolerLinnea Soler

A student co-created e-resource intended to help learners engage with key concepts surrounding the topic of Creative Pedagogies.
This resource was created by two Chemistry undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow, Drew Gupwell and Sinead O'Hara.We (Smita Odedra & Linnea Soler) are two Senior Lecturers (Learning, Teaching & Scholarship track) in the School of Chemistry. We co-supervise final year research projects which span a wide range of topics across discipline-based Chemistry Education research and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. For several years, we have been using creative assignments to help ground our students in the literature around their projects. This year we asked our two students to co-create this educational resource. We asked them to explore new topics as a team and to synthesise their findings in a novel and accessible way. Through this approach, we hoped to give them a supportive and fun introduction to the Scholarship process, building in opportunities for peer support and developing transferable skills in teamworking, communication and research skills. We value giving our students a voice and opportunities to share their work, so we are delighted to share their output with you on the National Teaching Repository. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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