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A self-paced tutorial to least-squares data fitting using SciDAVis

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posted on 2022-12-05, 15:48 authored by Charlotte DodsonCharlotte Dodson

SciDAVis is a data fitting software package used to fit physically meaningful equations to experimental (assay) data using non-linear regression. Fitting data in this way enables us to extract parameters such as IC50 values and thus to compare the efficacy of different compounds in an experimental assay in a quantitative manner. SciDAVis is free to use and will carry out the basic analyses we need here adequately. Commonly used pay-for software packages which carry out a similar function (and which are more powerful) include GraphPad Prism, SigmaPlot and Origin.

This record contains a self-paced tutorial to enable students to master the basic features of SciDAVis, of non-linear regression in general and to enable students to create a publication-quality figure. It is suitable for computer-literate students (undergraduate and above) and  for research staff. The tutorial can be completed within 2 h and I teach it in a workshop setting with a tutor on hand to provide practical  assistance. The workbook contains questions for students to complete to  enable staff to gauge student understanding.


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