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A “build-your-own” ChemEd Thesis Guide

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posted on 2023-10-20, 18:31 authored by Linnea SolerLinnea Soler, Smita OdedraSmita Odedra

This powerpoint (.pptx) resource is intended to help our ChemEd undergraduate project students gain a better understanding of the overall layout of their projects, which differ from the traditional lab-based chemistry research projects, described in the standard course documentation.

Our resource provides a slide-by-slide layout of a general ChemEd thesis (dissertation) to provide an overview of the content expectations for our projects. By breaking down the content into a logical approach, this guide helps to introduce terms, gives visual cues, and provides an editable format (.pptx) to support and empower students to plan and prepare the outline and rough content for writing and dissemination their own project work


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