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Is curriculum leaders ability to act strategically subject specific? A study exploring the role of curriculum leaders in a primary school and the impact they have on children’s learning?

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posted on 2023-01-27, 23:00 authored by Rebekah Gear

This poster represents findings from research conducted in partnership with Nottingham Trent University and a primary school in Nottinghamshire.

The project aims included:

1. To explore the way middle-leaders act strategically in order to implement their curriculum. [exploring power and agency - Tan, Ratnam-lim and Heng, 2016].

2. To investigate whether subject specific curriculum leadership dictates their overall impact [Harris, Jones, Ismail and Nguyen, 2019].

3. To investigate the impact of their role on children’s learning/attainment in their curriculum area. 

This research poster was created in order to support dissemination to both staff and senior leaders. In addition to this a resource was created in order to provide additional materials for subjects leaders to draw up in relation to the projects findings: https://padlet.com/RebekahG3ar/b01h177i8o39vyw8

*The school's name has been removed from the resource to protect anonymity*


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