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How to Nurture Creative Thinking

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posted on 2022-06-20, 19:39 authored by Laura Quick


Too many instructions can crush creative thinking and cause a loss of autonomy: 

Discovery comes from creative thinking and behaviours, brought into being through exploration. So how can students truly discover new and innovative ideas and outcomes, if they are not given enough time and freedom to explore? Do we over teach? What if we are teaching even if we are not speaking? This research aims to look at the impact that prescriptive teaching and assessment has on the creative outputs of students in line with the 4th Industrial revolution. (Creativity is in the top 3 required skills for employability according to the World Economic Forum.) How to shift this current approach more towards nurturing and drawing out the individual’s self-concept, as Cark Rodgers puts it: 'openness to experience'. And how might this be measured in a tangilble way.

DOI:  10.25416/NTR.20101772 


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