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Fear of Falling in Adults Under 50 who are Overweight or Obese

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posted on 2023-11-09, 10:31 authored by Derek LarkinDerek Larkin, Oliver HamerOliver Hamer, Paola deyPaola dey, Nicola Relph, Judith Mills

Coded data from 12 interviews exploring fear falling in the overweight and obese in a population who are under the age of 50. This study sheds light on how fear of falling is influenced by both mental and environmental elements in individuals under 50 who are overweight or obese. It uncovers several factors such as worry, social shame, and physical obstacles in the environment, which contribute to the understanding of this group's experiences. The research suggests that these individuals tend to have a pattern of initially paying attention to what they see as threats (like uneven sidewalks), but then they distract themselves, which might lead to falls. This reaction is more evident in situations where they might lose their balance, highlighting how psychological aspects can affect the likelihood of falling. Anxiety, for instance, may overwhelm their attention, making it difficult to notice all the potential hazards around them, leading to a higher chance of falling. These findings emphasize the complex link between emotions like anxiety and the actual risk of falling in certain groups of people. The insights gained from this research could pave the way for future studies and help create specific ways to help these individuals.


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